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Chiesa di Santa Maria Incoronata

The historic importance of this church is incredible! Located in one of the most stylish areas of Milan, Corso Garbaldi, is a proper prayer house.

The church distinct itself architecturally because of its twin façade.

We will explore:

  1. Architectural Identity - why you should visit

  2. Art and Lateral Chapels - pray & admire

  3. History

  4. Meet the Patron Saint: Blessed Virgin Mary

  5. Curiosities and Figure

Architectural Identity - why you should visit

· Interior

· Art & Lateral Chapels: pray or admire


Architectural style: Lombard Gothic

Architects: Liliana Grassi

Year of opening: 1460

Inside the church you will be amazed by the double effect of the two united buildings. Take advantage to take some wonderful pictures of the quite particular characteristic and share them with your friends!

Right apse

When you enter the church, your eye will be drawn to the altar in the right as in the center of it there is a valuable Crucifix, unfortunately mutilated in the arms.

Apse on the left

The beautiful altar design was realized by the architect Giulio Aluisetti.

Admire the five canvases on the walls of the apse:

  • Virgin Mary with the Child and with Saint Francis and a Bishop;

  • Virgin Mary with Child;

  • The blessed transit of Saint Joseph;

  • Christ in Glory with saints

  • Virgin Mary with Saint Anne and Baby Jesus.

Art & lateral chapels: pray or admire


Of particular interest are the keystones in the aisles and in the side chapels. The keystones in the first and second span of the right aisle, depicting Sant’Ambrogio and Sant’Agostino respectively.


3 lateral chapels in total:

  • Chapel called of the "Holy Family" From the fifteenth century this church became the burial place of noble families linked to the Sforza.

  • Chapel of the "Sacred Heart" Of particular interest is the tombstone of the Archbishop of Milan, Gabriele Sforza, pastor from 1454 to 1457

  • Chapel called "dei Mercalli"

Take your time, let yourself be inspired by the place and just have a moment of prayer here.


Interested in Augustinian teachings? You’re in the right place, because here you can consult important documents on this subject.

You can find here the Humanistic Library and ruins of an ancient Augustinian monastery. Most it is in Italian, but just as historical importance, this is the place where many notes from the Saint Augustine are kept.

The church is a result of a union of two churches, a special case of ‘double church’. The left side is the oldest. The right one was built later due to a request by Bianca Maria Visconti, the wife of Francesco Sforza, for a new church dedicated to San Nicola da Tolentino.

Meet the Patron Saint: Blessed Virgin Mary

What we know from the texts?

We find information about Mary in the New Testament. She was from Nazareth and lived in the first-century. She was the Mother of Jesus. The gospels of Matthew and Luke in the New Testament describe Mary as a virgin.

We know from Christian theology that she conceived Jesus trough the Holy Spirit while still a Virgin. In the gospels of Matthew and Luke she is betrothed to Joseph that accompanied her to Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

By Christian theology she is considered the most meritorious Saint and the Mother of God.

Curiosities & Figures

Don Paolo - the Vicar of the Pastoral Community for the parish of Santa Maria Incoronata from September 2016. He is also a writer with 3 publications so far. Find more about it.

Don Giampietro - He is a priest since 1972 and graduated in Arabic - Islamology and in charge of relations with Islam at the service of Ecumenism and the Dialogue of the Diocese of Milan. Currently he is the coordinator of the CADR, the Ambrosian Center for Dialogue with Religions.

Parochial Caritas Wardrobe Timetables

The cloakroom service: Tuesday morning from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm - Friday from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm (hours might differ due to Covid Restrictions)

The parish is organizing charitable activities: Listening Center - Food Distribution - Cloakroom service and markets that help raise funds for people in need.

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