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Georgiana Tufeanu

ABOUT ME-Georgiana-Tufeanu-Milanese-Chur

Hi, I’m Georgiana, I am a photographer and I am passionate about traveling. I am an expat storyteller that moved to Milan in 2014. I know the city better than my hometown in Romania. I love Italy' s churches but also everything else about MilanI will share with you travel suggestions for the next time you visit.

Until then, a virtual tour of images, videos and precious information about the city’s churches. I will tell you fascinating stories about these buildings and their surroundings (e.g. art galleries, museums, gelato…).

So if you arrived here looking for a travel blog, you’re in the right place!

  • Are you a person of faith and want to visit Milan? Start planning your next spiritual journey here.

  • Only interested in architecture? I have a big selection of the most inspiring typical northern Italian architecture for you.

  • Are you more the adventurous type and want to avoid the crowds and the typical touristic churches? Check out the Hidden Treasures and discover the mysterious places of the city.

  • Want to participate to the Mass but don't know Italian? I will recommend you where and when to attend  Mass in English.

There are places where you go and enjoy them for the moment. There are other places that create an unforgettable experience and change your life.

I visit them all the time and I will guide you into a customized experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the World.

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