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Saint Anthony of Padua - Franciscan miraculous Saint!

Who is this miraculous Saint?

The church that bears his name in Milan holds incredible beauty!

Patron Saint of the lost people and lost items, and Saint of Miracles, he was born in 1195 in Portugal onto a noble family.

Not many people know that he was baptized Fernando.

Order of Friars Minor

At the age of 25 he became a priest and in 1220 he learnt about the Order of Friars Minor (a mendicant Catholic religious order, founded in 1209 by Saint Francis of Assisi).

Franciscan lifestyle

He was attracted to the simple lifestyle of the friars and got noticed as being an excellent orator during his powerful sermons. He had deep knowledge on the Scriptures, following closely the evangelical teachings.

There are so many things to say about him. The knowledge we can get by reading his sermons is endless. You can read them here, one of the best sources of information right from the basilica of Padova, where he is buried.

What is your knowledge about Saint Anthony? Share a favorite thing, prayer or anything of your choice!

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