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Chiesa di San Gioachimo

Alongside the modern skyscrapers of Milan’s business area, a neo-renaissance church reminds the city about what it was and what it became.

Built during the papacy of Leo XIII, San Gioachimo’s (Saint Joachim) church is a very active place hosting several charity activities, a work center, and Italian classes for foreigners.

Discover more about this silent oasis located in an unique area of Milan.

Address: via G. Fara, 2 – 20124, Milan

We will explore:

1. Architectural Identity & Art – why you should visit

2. History of the church

3. Meet the Patron Saint: Joachim (pray for miracles)

4. Curiosities

Architectural Identity – why you should visit

· Interior

· Art & Lateral Chapels: pray or admire

· Exterior


Architectural style: Neo-Renaissance

Architects: Enrico Terzaghi

Year of opening: 1885

Inside you can see decorations from the Renaissance era by Luigi Pastro, and also tall figures of the Patriarchs.

In the lateral chapels you have quite a few options for praying, or to take a minute and be inspired by the space.

In a stark contrast with the busy streets outside, this place is an oasis of silence.

Art and Lateral Chapels: pray or admire


  • For a better perspective of the church follow the via Crucis, which was beautifully executed by Giuseppe Maretto in crucible copper.

  • Below there is a bas-relief by Enrico Manfrini depicting the Madonna with the Child at the center, surrounded by St. Joachim,St. Anne, St. Rita and St. Anthony. It's wonderful!

  • You will notice two beautiful stained glass windows. The one on the left represents the Crucifixion. The one on the right, dated from 1932, depicts a scene with Virgin Mary, Saints Joachim and Anne, children Jesus and John the Baptist.

  • Inside you can also see a portrait dedicated to the founder of the church, Archbishop Nazari.

Lateral Chapels

The two side chapels are dedicated to Saint Joachim (left) and to the Madonna del Suffragio (right).


The exterior overlooks the square right next to the skyscrappers.


Despite Monsignor Luigi Nazari di Savoia never been appointed for cardinal due to the ‘Non Expedit’ (i.e. a decree that in 1868 made impossible for Italian Catholics to take part in political elections in the Kingdom of Italy), he still wanted to build a monument in honor of the ruling Pope.

Thus the name of this church was inspired by Leo XII’s baptism name Gioachino Pecci.

Meet the Patron Saint: Saint Joachim

The church is named after St. Joachim, referred to as the husband of St. Anne, and the father of Virgin Mary. He is a Saint in the Christian tradition, at all churches that admit the worship of saints.

Joachim is an inspiring example for the ones that pray with faith in order to obtain the mercy of God.


Even though never mentioned in the canonical biblical texts, we find information about Saint Joachim in the three apocryphal gospels: the Proto-Gospel of Giacomo, the Gospel of the pseudo-Matthew and the Evangelium de nativitate Mariae.

All the schedules and meetings might differ due to Covid 19.

See their Missionaries updates here.

Center for work: Opening: Tuesday from 9.00 to 12.00

Italian course for foreigners in need: fill in the form to apply.

Italy Zii Association - Distance adoption: "GLI ZII D'ITALIA" is an association that promotes distance adoption. See more about it if interested.

This is a church dedicated to serve both the city and its faithful people.

Please do let us know what did you enjoy the most in this article and share with us anything that we may have missed!



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