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Basilica San Lorenzo: touristic and local attraction

Antique church and an eclectic area. Situated right in front of the Columns of San Lorenzo, a well-known spot for outside gatherings in Milan, this Basilica cannot be missed.

Visit, pray, socialize and meet the locals while visiting one of the oldest churches in Milan.

Each Sunday you can participate to Mass in Tagalog. Check out here the official hours.

One of my personal favorites especially during summer when

I can pray while listening

to baroque music that is always playing during visiting hours.

Just stepping inside the church from the crowded piazza is like entering into a different reality.

We will explore:

  1. History

  2. Architectural Identity: why you should visit

  3. Unique features


The basilica of San Lorenzo is one of the best known monuments of Milan and for this reason thousands of tourists visit it annually.

Basically, the place inspires history. I know, like everything else in Italy, but trust me, this church even more.

The church dates from the last decade of the fourth and the beginning of the fifth century.

Architectural Identity - why you should visit

Architectural style: Baroque, Renaissance, Byzantine

Opening: nineteenth century



The church has four bell towers and in the back is connected to a park not usually visited by tourists. I recommend checking it out if you’ll buy a crepe or gelato and want to have a chill moment.

The defining element of the construction is the dome, built during the second half of the 16th century by Martino Bassi: an architect that worked in the context of the Bramante-Solarian tradition.

Unique features

The colums of San Lorenzo: touristic and local attraction

Locals and tourists often gather in front of the church, at the “colonne di San Lorenzo” to socialize, have a drink, play guitar, dance or simply take some pictures.

The sixteen columns, 7.60 meters tall witness how the city evolves with the passing of time.

Made of Musso-Olgiasca marble, and standing right next to the latest fashionable boutiques and fancy restaurants, the square is an eclectic meeting point you don’t want

to miss.

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